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It might just keep you sane. Tax Credits. Nine out of 10 families with children are entitled to tax credits, according to HMRC, but around 1. You'll only get benefit for more children if exceptions apply. Check whether you qualify. Free nappies. Free baby recipes.

You might also get your hands on free gifts and samples. Informal get-togethers.

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Most of these are free, though some may charge a 'nominal fee' to cover their costs. Free tooth chart.

Free nappy rash cream. This can apparently be used even on the highly sensitive skin of premature babies.

FREE BABY STUFF!! HUNDREDS of $$$ in Baby Freebies, Samples & MORE - 2019

Just fill in your details to get your free soother. We think this is incredibly useful! The nappy trial pack is then sent to your home. The DryNites Pants are available in a variety of colours and sizes — ours had Spider-Man on them we told them it was for a boy. Your sample will then be sent to you within 7 days ours arrived within 5.

You can unsubscribe from the emails once the first one arrives. Certainly saves you popping to the shops and buying a whole pack. As mums and dads who use parenting products every day, we want to hear your opinions on what the best items are really like to use. Home Reviews Shopping guides How to get the best free baby and pregnancy stuff. Comments Please read our Chat guidelines. How to keep your child safe at a fireworks display. Pregnancy foods that are high in iron. You may also like. Shopping guides. Best baby apps — games, nursery rhymes and stories for babies.

Do you need a Moses basket, co-sleeper or crib?

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As of December , the free Baby Boxes are available to all parents in England. So, where do you pick it up from?

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You have to opt-in to email communications from Baby Box University, which is good. However, they do use info like your pregnancy, due date and whether you have children to help personalize your experience on the site. However, it would seem that earlier trial versions of the baby box, boxes given out in Scotland, and the original Finnish baby boxes come with a lot of useful essentials for baby, too, like packs of wipes, baby clothes, nappies, sleeping bags, etc…. The lack of stuff in the box is because Baby University Co are currently getting all items as donations from brands.

We will always ensure items included are meet Baby Friendly standards.

Free Baby Stuff | Free Baby Samples | Born Gifted

All that said, make sure you know your stuff before you start using the box. The pack will then be sent out to you in the post. That said, you do have to fill in quite a lot of data to obtain the freebies — and none of it is essential. You will then have to create a password in order to complete your account. You get sent a letter in the post, which contains a small, fold-out paper first aid guide — which features both written intrustctions and illustrated diagrams.

You then have to say where you heard about the guide. You also have the option to opt-in to marketing via telephone, email or post. Finally, St John Ambulance are pretty upfront about what happens to your data.

Freebies, samples and loads of other free stuff for mothers and babies alike!