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People should get away from her as fast as they can. FreebieMom was supposed to give away a gift card today. I asked her who won and she didn't reply. These giveaways are fake. Stay way from Freebie mom Use a different legit freebie site. I participated in a live wheel spin and every single time she chose a winner it was the name above me or below me Every time I was different names. She also claims that the li e video feed is way behind then what we are actually seeing that the pinned post show like 2 minutes after or something and it's just how the live videos work.

Umm my phone wasn't behind at all. So I don't know exactly what she ment but she was using it as an excuse to explain the winners being picked. Didn't make any sense. I just don't know about it. It gets frustrating when you interact so much and nothing happens. I posted something 2 times and bith times she calls me melissa lol. Whats up with that my name is michelle. She definitely doesn't friend anyone It's all followers by liking her page.

I've not won anything from her but I've accumulated a bunch of Wyw rewards that I didn't know was possible. I am definitely going to check into her some more. There's no freebies on there Facebook should ban her page Here's how I enter contests Just click and usually there's more than just one contest. You people need to find something better to do with your time than to put down a Facebook page that brings a little bit of joy to so many people! Freebie Mom is real, she is legit, she does not claim that all the bouncy boxes are hers, why would she? Anyone with half a brain can clearly see when they play the bouncy boxes what company or person has set them up.

Also, the sweepstakes and instant wins are from other companies, some very well known ones as a matter of fact and I personally have won quite a few things from both sweepstakes entries and instant win games that she provides links to. I have learned legitimate survey sites to use to make money from and have only been on her page since July of Maybe she does make a profit of some kind doing this but does that really matter?

She takes a lot of time organizing all these giveaways, sweepstakes and instant win games and makes it so much easier for all those that play them. So many people on there don't know how to access these on there own, so this helps them out. Also, all those complaining about being banned, I have only heard of a few that were banned and from what I saw those few people deserved it. She tries her best to work with everyone and a handful want to cause so much trouble, nobody wants that kind of negativity on their page, would you?

I'm certain you wouldn't and I'm sure many of you have blocked people from your Facebook pages for less reasons than she has! I love Freebie Mom and will continue to follow her and will keep winning because of it! Ive been starting to wonder about freebie mom. Ive been on her site for about four months now. But i interact way more now than i did then and have never won since then.

Im starting to get confused and doubt her.

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Then, at tonights wheel, she kinda let it slip that sge didnt pay a dime for christmas. I thought must be nice because i havent been able to buy ANY christmas presents for my daughter or family in four years now. I understand, ppl strughle, but i promote her page sooo much that my friends are actually starting to stop following me and i get nothing in return. Im not sure exactly what to think about her anymore, and ive noticed in the comments others are feeling the same way.

I would like to go look up the ppl from the winners if spin the wheel but im not sure i know where to find the names once the live feed is over. Im just really confused. I agree And now, i dont even see the name being picked with a comment. IDK what to think about her anymore. I won a gift card from her but as soon as I asked her about how long it would be before I might get it she became very rude and banned me. That said, I did win a candle from her that I did receive. Ive won 3 times. She says 1 win on the wheel that she spins per household. But you can win through her other giveaways.

That is likely becayse of that person's privacy settings. For example, Only my "friends" on facebook can see my posts, pictures, items I share, etc. There are many people who have all of their stuff set as "public" so anybody can view it. Same reason that I do not "accept" friend's requests from people that I do not know. I'm guessing this is spam, but wanted to get a second opinion. I'm told the money would go to a location in united states, but when she provided me with the address, it was in jamaica.

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That is obviously a scam. Never send money to anyone via Western Union that you do not know. I use to work at a WU agent and this happens often especially to the elderly. Educate your loved ones. I just looked up one of the winners to see if they had posted that they won the prize? Turns out it was a plug for Freebie Mom only. Person isn't real.

I'm telling everyone I know and trust me, it's gonna hurt them. I won a trip, concert cash, hotel stay via Freebie Mom. You can call it what you want, but don't call me when I'm in NYC this summer seeing Rammstein in concert. Yeah, I won that. Freebie Mom is a scam!! I came to this conclusion when i read that she will boot people off if they ask a question she doesn't like or questions anything. So recently i signed up for a freebie she posted and instantly got a over whelming amount of spam to my inbox.

So i commented and told her this. She obviously doesn't care about the people who follow her what so ever. Why does she care? She has 2 million followers who obey without question so why does she need to invest any time in someone who has a issue? I just got a message from her saying I won , and a Ford truck and Wal-Mart gift card.

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She told me I would haft to send a money gram for dol for 2 percent of taxes. I told her I would haft to talk to lawyer before I sent anything. And no message back. She is a scam. I played her games all the time and for no reason and now her doing this to me. Something needs to be done. I got 2 messages. I won 1 M and other said I won ,, plus a bedroom outfit. She messaged me to say I had won. I missed her IM by 33 minutes. I replied.

No response. A bounce back automated message came through. I went to her page and very kindly asked how do I claim my prize. She was imo rude. instant win games

Her reply was I waited forever for you to respond. I can't just stop what I am doing, I will get to you later today. My comment was immediately deleted. Imagine that! She is full of it! I googled Freebie Mom.. She is about fake as they come! I have won many bouncy boxes, however those are regulated by Amazon and do not count!

Before I was blocked from her Fb page, I did see another follower ask how about a pool she won over a month ago and had not received it!!!!!

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I wonder if I had not inquired on how to claim my so called winnings, and just waited.. My gut feeling says no She gets paid to do what she does which is fine. I feel she is very greedy and rude and does not care about her followers and only makes them happy with little rewards here and there.


I am proof she does not comply. She is not the real deal as she claims to be! Anyone can google Amazon giveaways, samples, freebies, contests, or how to make money doing surveys with or without her BS!!!! Then ask how do I claim my winnings only to be blocked from commenting and letting others know what kind of person she really is!

Also she will never ask you for any money so if you're being asked for money it is a scam and you should report.

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I've been banned too after asking a question about a survey site they recommended. When I asked, she got defensive and then never responded. Well well well you must be one of her little helpers. That's not her then. That's someone posing as her. If you read her headline it says "Inever ask you to pay for a prize" there are tons of sites posing as her. I've never had any issue with her real page.

Matter of fact I won a swimming pool from her and received it 4 days later. There are few more websites not listed here specially for USA Freebies and coupons.. I spent all day on her FB page and website so I can win and I still did not get picked for a gift card for participating. Something definitly shady there. You pay car sales tax to your state when you register your car if your state has sales tax. You claim the the value of the car on your federal income tax at the end of the year. GoDaddy Coupon Codes,. Exclusive savings on.

You can also find GoDaddy hosting coupons that offer discounts when you sign up for the whole year. Plus, they have Weebly, which is going to make web design a breeze. You can have some inexpensive start-up costs, but as you grow, you may find that paying a few dollars more to upgrade plans and migrating to a host like Hostgator will give you better options. Xmas deals to new york - Coupon processing services!

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CouponClipinista Tags. Breyer - Armstrong crickets coupon. Please remember to check your Spam folder for a reply. Thank you. Various sites immediately started manually updated lists of Giveaways. While Amazon released their own list of open Giveaways in , this site has always had the largest list anywhere. Many Giveaways opted not to show up on Amazon's list and some did not qualify for it. None have ever paid a penny for piggybacking on my hard work. I've put hundreds of hours into this site over the years, but never got around to monetizing it. Perhaps you noticed there are no ads, affiliate links, etc.?

I guess it is too late now.